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Maison Dauphin Collection II

Last week I got invited by Maison Dauphin and Charlotte Dauphin De La Rochefoucauld to discover their newest collection,  Collection II, at the Place Vendôme in Paris. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it there but here are some images of the pieces and presentation. Collection II explores the themes of time, matter, and light in relation to individual perception. Or […]


There is so much I personally love about Workhorse jewelry. Most of their jewels, of course, and their vintage look. Read more about it here. Workhorse is a collaboration between Zoë Chicco and the twin sisters behind Archive Jewelry, FYI. I think these ladies are a perfect match. I do need to own some of their pieces. […]

Abalone Tentacle

Ear shells. Sea ears. Muttonfish. Muttonshells. Such low-key, unassuming names belie the glimmer and iridescence of the glamorous, ear-shaped abalone shell. Its painterly palette of intense bright blues, peacock greens, dreamy creams, off-whites, sugary pinks and pastel purples set in textured tentacle gold plated waves has most definitely been an inspiration for Isharya’s gorgeous Abalone Tentacle […]

Silver Pearl Line

  This luxurious cuff had instantly all of my attention. Edgy and modern way of wearing pearls. This is Nancy Newberg’s Oxidized Silver Pearl Line cuff. A contemporary piece with twisted rope design, pearls, tiny diamonds and an oxidized finish. A gorgeous cuff which is sure to impress!

Pearls & Diamonds

LA-based designer Stacy Nolan Soper of Nolan Jewelry has a beautiful range of jewelry. A down-home girl with modern sensibilities and a dedication to quality, Stacy is an American classic. Her jewelry has attitude without pretension and is wearable with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress. Because she uses only the highest quality materials, her […]


Hand carved and cast, the Spine cuff by Corey Egan features 24 individually carved vertebrae. Three sizes of vertebrae make up the full spine: 5 Lumbar (largest), 12 thoracic (medium), and 7 cervical (smallest) that taper from one end of the cuff to the other. Just as an FYI. What I love about this cuff […]

Who Needs A Rose?

This is the name of one of my favorite collections by Crows Nest jewels. I adore everything roses (just recently found out for some unknown reason). But the collection doensn’t even include any roses. Only leafs and thorns. And diamonds. The Diamond Leaf ring, the Rose Leaf bangle and the Thorn bangle…I wouldn’t know which one […]

Valentine’s Day Treats

V-day minus 10! Roses are red, violets are blue and here is a selection of jewels to gift the one you love or to treat yourself! Most women take Valentine’s Day pretty seriously but actually wheter it’s Valentine’s Day or not, it should be V-Day everyday. Because showing the one you love how much he/she means […]