Say My Name, Say My Name

thea jewelry - madeofjewelry
Designer Emilie Duchêne of Thea jewelry has these great jewelry which you actually create. If you know Thea, then you knpow what I’m talking about.
Let me explain:
The The jewelry pieces are meant for you to personalize. It’s all about names. Rings, necklaces, cufflinks…you name it, the pieces can’t be more unique and personal.
It can be names, dates, initials or even symbols. It is all up to you.
You can wear the name of your lover, child, parent and even your own.
As said on Thea jewelry‘s website:

It’s your jewelry, your message, it belongs to you and resembles you.

I just dig it!


thea by emilie duchene - madeofjewelry


thea emilie duchene - madeofjewelry
Designer Emilie wearing her daughters their names. Too cute.

[All images via Thea jewelry and Intagram | Collages made by MoJ]