Maybe you’re already familiar (previous post here) with Rosedale Jewelry but in case you’re not, let me properly introduce you this exquisite line which was founded in Los Angeles in 2014 by Kate Kramer.
Born and raised in Austin, founder Kate Kramer spent her childhood immersed in drawing, painting and mixed media art. She moved to Los Angeles to study Fashion Marketing, initially wanting to assist the luxury fashion company Fauxtale Design with marketing, Kate, alternatively, found herself fascinated with the creative process as she was taught the ropes of handmade jewelry. Sensing her innate abilities, the company’s founders sent her to classes to learn the art of wax carving and lost wax casting. After graduating from college Kate continued to hone her jewelry abilities and took classes while also began an apprenticeship with the immensely talented wax carver and artist, Jeffrey Gold, and his master metalsmith business partner, Jeffrey Beri.

Rosedale, appropriately named after the Austin neighborhood Kate grew up in, displays her discerning minimal and refined aesthetic. Inspired by beloved pieces she inherited from her grandmother, Kate’s designs are intended to become not only wardrobe staples but also family heirlooms. Re-imagined geometric shapes come to life in 14k and 18k gold with precious stones. She most definitely is a natural talent with wonderful delicate jewelry and a personal unique style.

Kate on her inspirations:
“I always find that I am most inspired by the stones I find. I seek out unique geometrical shapes and get ridiculously giddy when I find a new shape I love. I have an obsession with all types of unusual shapes, from kite cuts, to shield cuts, hexagons and pretty much anything that is away from the norm of the typical round stone. Most of my designs start from the stone itself, and I then plan the design around how best to honor and showcase the stone’s beauty. For the most uniquely cut stones I find that my aesthetic is to showcase the shapes beauty with a minimal design that allows the stone to shine. I also love the way that shapes play together to form a beautiful design and a new shape all its own.”

“My favorite pieces right now are the new cognac and champagne diamond pieces I just released. I love the warm tones of the stones and the unique shapes bring their facets to life. My favorite pieces of all are any of the kite diamond pieces I have done. The first time I laid my eyes on a set of kite diamonds I fell in love. I had never seen anything like them before and they were the beginning of my obsession with uniquely cut stones. They were the most fantastic bright white and beautifully clear stones I had ever seen and after dreaming about them day and night for a few days I knew they had to be mine. The first two pieces I did with the kite diamonds ignited a fire in me and I’ve continued to use kite diamonds in all different colors as I have grown in my collections.” tells Kate on her current favorite pieces.

Each piece of Rosedale jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA.

[All images thanks to Kate of Rosedale Jewelry | Collage by MoJ]