Perez Bitan : Snakes on the rocks

Designer Rachel Perez Bitan has just released a new collection and I’m personally over the moon about it! Nothing but heart eyes! It’s a cocktail ring collection called ‘Snakes on the Rocks’ which features different large citrines and amethyst. They’re beyond fantastic! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Perez Bitan‘s Snake rings and this collection obviously makes me drool like for real! They’re each jaw-dropping.
Cocktail rings are obviously statement pieces, as in big and bold. Back in the days, read: in the ’30-’40s, these were worn on the right hand. But as you may know now, there are no longer rules on how to wear your jewelry. Wear your rings on any hand you want, on its own or pair it with other pieces. Wear your jewelry they way YOU want.

Designer Rachel on her collection: “In this collection, the snake wraps continuously around the stone or ‘rock’ and acts as the container for the stone and is the ring itself! In the collection I’m using all natural, untreated stones. Currently, most are citrine which is one of my favorite stones and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. I also used an amethyst for one of the rings. I’m planning on continuing to make these with all sorts of different stones.”

Natural Citrine Snake ring with Ruby eyes – Madeira Citrine Snake ring with Green Tourmaline eyes
Natural Citrine Snake ring with Blue Sapphire eyes and Pave Diamond head


Amethyst Snake ring
Perez Bitan’s signature curved snake with ruby eyes and white diamond micro pave head, set in 18k Yellow Gold with a stunning 34.20ct Untreated Amethyst



You can find all these fantastic one-of-a-kind 18K Snake Cocktail rings on her website and on


All images thanks to Perez Bitan | Collages and edits by MoJ