Paige Novick : Modular Single Statement earrings

There are so many jewelry designs I loved at first sight so the earrings I’m putting in the spotlight today are as well. Instant lovestruck. Paige Novick‘s new modular single statement earrings are a real treat for the eye. They are like actual ear-candy. I adore looking at them so I hope you do as well!. Plus they’re perfect to mix and match…layering for the ear! They are the perfect colorful statement earrings. Arc-en-ciels (rainbows FYI) for the ear!
These single earrings come in different styles, lengths and gemstones. How can one even pick JUST ONE favorite?? I truly wouldn’t know.

I love the versatility and playfulness of a modular earring in that it speaks to the wearer’s individuality. These earrings also have a collectible and layer-able appeal. While there are general meanings associated with each birthstone, we all react to a stone’s energy in different ways; much like a fragrance can smell like roses on one person and old luggage on another. By wearing the gemstones that speak to us, we honor their higher power, and in turn harness their energy to attract our wants and desires. Why be locked into one gemstone color and shape when we can customize our ear situation to fit our state of mind.
– as told by Paige to MoJ


Large Modular Earring with Pave and Rectangular and Pear Shaped Stone Details

Large Modular Earring with Pave and Rectangular Stone Detail


Mini Interchangeable Earring with Detachable Rose Cut Stone


Modular Mini Interchangeable Earring with Diamond Pave bar and Pear Shaped Gemstone Detail

Small Modular Earring with Baguette Gemstone

Small Modular Earring with Square Gemstone


Large Modular Earring with Pave and Circular Stone Detail


These babies all come in Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Opal, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline and Tanzanite.



All images thanks to Paige Novick | Collages and edit by MoJ