Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Not too sure when I came across Kristin Coffin Jewelry on Etsy, but Kristin’s rings got me hooked right away. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to why that is. Anyway, I started following her on Instagram and I’m drooling over her rings ever since.
Kristen Coffin, based in Denver, is best known for her vintage-inspired jewelry including her sparkly moissanite rings which are simply just so dreamy! Besides Moissanite, she also uses conflict-free Diamonds, Sapphires and lab-grown gems. Each design is classic yet timeless and obviously well-crafted. I’m even mouthwatering while writing this. That being said, I want you to exactly the same so scroll down a bit…

Above is a comparison of some of her rings: on the left, you see White Moissanite on the right Grey Moissanite. ll with a Diamond halo. Note that each of these rings come in different other centers as well.
From top to bottom: Rosalind, Emerson, Celeste and Sofia.

My personal favorites are the Emerson and Sofia rings. But don’t ask me with which center stone because that I can’t decide on. Whether the center is a Peach Sapphire, a Grey Moissanite or a White Diamond…I love them all!
Also, FYI, all of her pieces are set in solid recycled gold or solid platinum.

All photo’s and video by and thanks to Kristin | Collages by MoJ