Jillian Dempsey Jewelry

jillian dempsey jewelry launch - madeofjewelry
An applause please for makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. Why that? Because Jillian has launched a fine jewelry line, Jillian Dempsey Jewelry.
Her husband, yes…Patrick Dempsey, must be so proud of his wife. Jillian founded her own beauty brand, Delux Beauty, and she now has her own jewelry brand. Haven’t I told you yet to give her an applause? Now you know why.

Jillian hand sculpts her jewelry using the process of lost wax casting so that each piece represents a uniquely designed art object.
And here are the results:
jillian dempsey jewelry

jillian dempsey spike bracelets - madeofjewelry


jillian dempsey Spike_Necklace - madeofjewelry
jillian dempsey spike bracelet - madeofjewelry



[Images via Jillian Dempsey Jewelry,  InStyle  and Adir Abergel’s Instagram | Collages made by MoJ]