I Love Your Face

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When you’re a ring lover as I am, you know it also is your weakness. Rings are very irresistible to me. The design is of course what catches my eye (Duh!). But then there are rings with a story behind it just like Nick Engel‘s I Love Your Face rings. It melts my heart.

These rings were inspired by one of my true loves. She would constantly tell me “I love your face”. It was one of those gifts that was for no reason other then I loved her. When I sat down and designed it I didn’t have a plan or really an idea. I just wanted it to say I love your face. I ended up building the first one for her and she still wears it today. I talked with her recently and she was excited that they’ve been getting so much attention lately. They were inspired by love and completely serendipitous.

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Don’t they also say, “Say it with a ring”? Well this ring defintely says it all.

Not only it can say “I Love Your Face”, but also “I Love You”, “Will You Marry Me”, etc.
Any message you think of can be build just for you. Fully customizable for any personal message you have. Ain’t this romantic?
The perfect gift for that special someone.
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[All images via Nick Engel]