Gimme Some Brooke Persich

brooke persich - madeofjewelry
Brooke PersichΒ jewels are like candy for the eyes. Loving the crystals and the use of pastels. Bold and precious jewelry, that’s what it is.
By seeing pictures viaΒ InstagramΒ I instantly fell in love with the photo above.
And of course I had to contact Brooke and she was so kind to help me out by sending some photo’s. So Brooke, I love you, you rock!
Her jewelry is charming and seeing those pctures, like I said, brings your mind to some other place. A divine place which is pastel-ish, shiny and creamy. Fairytale-alike.
That’s at least the only way how I can describe it.
I believe Brooke has a creative/artistic vision. You can tell.



The rings are simply made to adore them!

brookepersich - madeofjewelry
Crystal Skull ringΒ |Β Bespoke Crystal Point ringΒ |Β Bespoke Armor ring
Brooke Persich is available online and via Harvey Nichols

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Brooke Persich ‘Three Fates’ video


[All images via Brooke Persich herself, Instagram and Tumblr | Collages made by MoJ]