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Fran Barker Design : Mimosa

Whenever I see the gorgeous ring by Fran Barker Designs, it makes me think of something idyllic. I don’t know why but I personally adore her unique style. Very charming too. Like shown today, her Mimosa rings are sleek and modern but also still with a classic touch to it. What I really like myself about […]

Elisabeth Bell Jewelry

Today I have the honor to present you two unique and incredible pieces by Elisabeth Bell. I’m a fan of designer Beth Yorn ever since I started Made of Jewelry. I personally never can get enough of her unique designs which mainly are inspired by nature. Their feminine look and organic lines are so appealing […]

Diaboli Kill : Pythia Bridal Set

As soon designer Angie of Diaboli Kill released her newest collection a little while ago, I got instantly lovestruck. Even this much it’s too little for words. But I can guess you get me on this, so keep reading and scroll down for more prettiness! The Pythia Princes Cut Solitaire Diamond set makes me swoon. It’s […]

Magical Eden

I recently reached out to Gwen of Eden Presely as I am a huge fan of her creations, especially from her Rock Collection. I adore all the shapes and colored gemstones of every creation. They give me that warm feeling you have when you have been able to sleep in and the birds outdoors have […]

Studio1040 x Made of Jewelry

A little while ago, I asked Jacqui of Studio1040 if she’d like to team up with MoJ to create a beautiful ring together, here is the result! A beautiful three stone marquise champagne diamond, a ring with different diamond shapes. The design process went very smooth thanks to Jacqui. I had a few specific designs in […]

Rare Beauties

  I was very thrilled to announce to you the partnership between KAT FLORENCE and Sarah Jessica Parker (read more about it here) a few days ago. Now I am very excited to show some of the pieces. The uniqueness and one of a kind beauty of KAT FLORENCE’s gemstone designs are enhanced by the […]


Susie Saltzman offers a bespoke alternative to the traditional engagement ring by infusing a fresh sophistication into timeless bridal rings. She is known for adding a subtle intricate newness to very customary, predictable engagement ring styles and offers a modern perspective for those who are looking for something special.As explained briefly in a previous post, Susie creates […]

Jess Hannah : Diamonds & Graduated Dots

To help launch the new Spectre x360, HP gave a sneak peek at the maker process. Jewelry designer and blogger Jess Hannah was one of those makers and she was up for the challenge when they asked her to #bendtherules of her design process to create something, unlike anything she’d made before. She had been thinking […]