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Melanie Georgacopoulos Oval Facets collection

Melanie Georgacopoulos : Oval Facets

How do you feel about facets? Beautiful lines, cutting edges… The London-based designer Melanie Georgacopoulos created a recent collection in addition to her Facets Collection, this time Oval Facets.For this latest collection, Melanie has recreated oval gemstones, which are one of the most common and traditional gemstone cuts, from flat mother of pearl tiles. To […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours… Just a tiny little fragment which some of you may know. Probably thanks to Carrie Bradshaw! It’s taken from Beethoven’s love letter to his Immortal Beloved. Too sweet, right? While writing this, does any of you still write love letters or even just a little sweet note?? I certainly […]

Holiday Giveaway

Happy December y’all!Since it is a festive month for us all, how about to add some extra sparkle?Yes, SPARKLE! So, Yi Collection and I are giving away a beautiful dainty ring. A piece that YOU can WIN and will receive in time for the holiday celebrations!The ring is the Don’ Box Me In ring, a […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Happy to say it is “that time of the year” again! It’s my favorite gift guide to create because the holiday season has something magical about it. Think of festive, sparkle, warmth, family, joy… it’s all there.Here is the annual Holiday Gift Guide, I hope this will inspire you. Whether it is to gift something […]

Aurelia Demark Zodiac Collection

Aurelia Demark : Zodiac collection

Can I say that I just love Aurelia Demark‘s newest Zodiac collection? In astrology, there are always 12 astrological signs. And so, this collection includes these 12 signs. Twelve unique pendants, on which Aurelia and her mom Martine collaborated on meticulously to get every detail right. Aurelia’s mom is an artist and it’s actually very […]

Bridal rings

Bridal Jewelry : His & Hers

Bridal jewelry as in rings-only though. It would be an endless post otherwise! Ha!Decided to go with his and hers, jewelry for all genders with whatever styles that is that you like. I mainly share jewelry for women but men wear jewelry as well! So, engagement rings and wedding bands for all today because we’re […]