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Bridal rings

Bridal Jewelry : His & Hers

Bridal jewelry as in rings-only though. It would be an endless post otherwise! Ha!Decided to go with his and hers, jewelry for all genders with whatever styles that is that you like. I mainly share jewelry for women but men wear jewelry as well! So, engagement rings and wedding bands for all today because we’re […]

Svenja : Pacifier charm

A sweet token that is. I’m talking about Svenja Jewels‘ Pacifier charm.It’s a tiny charm that makes a great mommy gift. A sweet Pacifier charm being a jewelry keepsake forever. Honestly, tell me, isn’t it really cute? It is a very precious piece, a keepsake for your little bundle of joy. Anyway, I’ll just repeat […]

Pieces of Starr

Designer Starr Mills of Pieces of Starr, based in Atlanta, crafts her creations lots of passion…well, obviously. I came across her IG page a few months ago and I instantly liked her style. Bold with a touch of dreamy and magical details. When I say that thinks starburst, planets, sparkling diamonds, colored gemstones, unicorns…She gets […]

Jewelry presents for a New Mom

Think push presents for example! Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen or read my partner and I are expecting our first child. It has been quite a rollercoaster with downs after downs but here we finally are…with the three of us!So it’s no wonder I made this round-up, I know. […]

Alison Lou : The Sasha ring

You may know Alison Lou best for her Emoji-inspired jewelry and perhaps also for her colorful and fun Loucite earrings.Well, today I want to present to you Alison’s ah-mazing Sasha ring. I noticed this chic and colorful ring sometime last year, November/December, trough Alison’s Stories on IG. It was instant love, honestly.The story behind its […]

Jillian Madden OOAK Salt and Pepper Diamond Wide band

Wide Bands

Over the past year, probably since last year actually, I noticed wide bands have becoming some kind of trend. And I like it! I love all things fine and delicate for myself but I wouldn’t mind a gorgeous wide band. Since there are quite a few out there, I thought I’d share a selection of […]

Anniversary Wishlist

The blog soon is about to turn 6… 6, can you imagine? On July 5th, that is.Six whole years of blogging, or at least sort of lol (do we still use this term in 2019?). I started Made of Jewelry without knowing a thing about blogging or whatsoever and yet here we are, still.Anyway, for […]

Tuggle Designs

The good thing about social media is that it gives you the opportunity to discover all kind of designers and artists. That is how I got to know Tuggle Designs. A fabulous duo who create incredible bold and beautifully unique designs. Be sure to follow them on IG @TuggleDesigns. What I personally adore most about […]