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Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is, better late than never, our annual Holiday Gift Guide.It has been quite a year for all of us. This COVID-19 has messed up everyone’s lives and businesses. It is making people sick or even worse.But let’s not go into this topic today. On our side over here, we’ve welcomed our baby girl […]

Ele Karela : magical jewels

When you love jewelry with a magical touch, you’ll adore these new pieces from Elé Karela. Like really LOVE.Born and raised in Greece, Elé creates unique contemporary jewelry. They are, as I’d like to say, a treat for the eye. Ele’s work includes beautiful colors and plenty of details which makes them not only magical […]

Charlie and Marcelle - Opal Heart ring

Giveaway – Tiny Crowned Heart ring

Due having a baby (who’s currently sitting on my lap as she woke up waaaaay too early from her nap and wasn’t happy to play on her own…) and forgetting about the blog’s 6th anniversary last July, here is a giveaway I’m sure you’ll love! It’s my birthday this month, on the 10th, so I […]

Navneet Gems : Citrine ring

A little color doesn’t hurt. Especially during these difficult times, which we’re all going through. Plus, besides that, Summer is here! Let’s keep on thinking positive! And wear or masks, obviously.This ring as pictured in this post, is a ring from Navneet Gems, a wholesale gemstone supplier based in Thailand.Besides a beautiful Citrine center, the […]

Emma Clarkson Webb

London-based bespoke jeweler and trained gemmologist Emma Clarkson Webb, specializes in designing and making bespoke hand-crafted engagement rings since 2015. Besides creating bespoke engagement rings, Emma specializes also in the remodeling of antique jewelry into new designs. With her knowledge of the diamond market with her unique design aesthetic, Emma’s mission is to make the […]

Bunnies in jewelry

While writing this, our little bundle of joy hasn’t shown her pretty little face…yet. Literally waiting for her arrival as I’m due in two days and the first signs of labor is getting closer. I’ll spare you the details. In the meantime, (although she’ll be in our arms while you read this) while her feet […]

Melanie Georgacopoulos Oval Facets collection

Melanie Georgacopoulos : Oval Facets

How do you feel about facets? Beautiful lines, cutting edges… The London-based designer Melanie Georgacopoulos created a recent collection in addition to her Facets Collection, this time Oval Facets.For this latest collection, Melanie has recreated oval gemstones, which are one of the most common and traditional gemstone cuts, from flat mother of pearl tiles. To […]