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Distressed Because She Can

  How do you like this casual style of Samantha, blogger of could i have that? ? Major like you say? I agree. And by adding some jewelry it makes way more than just casual. Samantha is wearing a Wilt Vintage Slouchy top, the Rockstar Mid-Rise Distressed jeans  and a nice pair of Sueded short zip boots by Old Navy. […]

Bejeweled Nails

The duo behind Holly Hannah, Make-up artist Holly Silius and jewelry designer Hannah Warner, have created metal nails. To me it is a sort of jewelry so definately worth to be presented to you in case you haven’t seen these nails just not yet.

Messo cuff by Amanda Jett

When looking around for a friend (who is looking for a necklace), I took a look at some names of designers and brands I have written down in my notebook. By going from one designer’s website to the other, my eye caught a gorgeous cuff. The Messo cuff by Amanda Jett.

Pretty in V

When seeing St. Eve jewelry pieces at first, I fell in love with the  Triple Moonstone ring. Bohemian-style and loving the blue/white/purple-ish colors in the stones. And then, unbelievable I haven’t noticed it until now, there is this pretty yet simple V necklace. I love simple. I love pretty. Can you see wearing this yourself every day? […]

Dale Grey Vintage

  Dale Grey Vintage is company by designer Joi French. The name, Dale Grey, is named in part by Joi’s mother’s middle name and also borrows from her favorite nursery rhyme “you make me happy when skies are grey”. Well found!

Symphony In C

  Jamie Wolf, who danced with New York City Ballet (she is a multi-talent!), has created a gorgeous collection of earrings. She has collaborated with the New York City Ballet for their  ballet Symphony in C, a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine. Okay, this was back in 2012…but they are too pretty for me not to […]