Anastassia Sel : Devoir ring

Anastassia Sel is a Canada-based designer which you maybe might already know. She creates fine jewelry and  I can tell that you’ll love her style. Each piece includes pretty stones and clean lines plus
Everything she makes just keeps getting more and more beautiful. But that being said, I want to show off her Devoir ring. It’s really slamming and it makes the perfect alternative engagement ring. Definitely a great treat for your hand!
It comes in four styles, and each is an absolute stunner which makes it hard to pick the one with your favorite center stone. The center stone is surrounded with a fine crown of marquise and round cut diamonds while it’s also sitting on a V-shaped pavé band. Also, notice the prongs! #ihavethisthingwithprongs

Rose cut DiamondGrey DiamondMoonstoneBlack Diamond
This ring can be custom made, FYI…in case you prefer another gemstone.

Anastassia on about the work that she strives to do and her Devoir rings:

“Generally, the pieces are made using traditional approaches, which have been deconstructed and brought together in an unconventional way. This idea comes from my mind set on the typical traditional ring. I’ve always felt a sense of monotony towards engagement rings. This static state brought on the idea of creating a collection that just uses unconventional approaches to the bridal industry. For example using a softer stone such as the moonstone, emerald or even morganite to the traditional brilliant cut diamond, or using a traditional pave stone setting technique and balancing it with a chevron shape of the ring, to cause an unexpected result. When I created the devoir ring, I shut off my phone and eliminated any form of stimuli in my environment. It was just me, my pencil and my sketchbook alone. My goal that day was to create something that I haven’t seen yet. In the jewelry industry, it’s difficult to recreate the wheel. Many ideas have been taken from the past, and have therefore already been used. My motivation behind the piece was to put together components that haven’t yet been together and that would excite the wearer.

Rough sketch and digital rendering

I think I’ve struck the cord that I wanted to with this pieces and believe that my clients also understand (and feel) what this ring represents.”

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All images thanks to Anastassia Sel | Collages by MoJ