Sparkling Wrap

 photo dianekordasbanglenetaporter-madeofjewlry_zpsec40f06e.jpg


When it comes to Diane Kordas‘s jewelry pieces, I think herย Shield ringย will always be one of my favorites.
But today, I am presenting you her daintyย Wrap bangle. Fallen in love yet? I did, instantly.
It’s fine, it’s shiny and it sparkles… what the heck does this piece need more? No wait…What do WE need more?
Admit, this bangle is pretty and you want it. I know you do. It’s the perfect piece to, well, everything. No reason to justify why you (and I) want this beautiful bangle.
It is gorgeous.

My second favorite piece byย Diane Kordas. Yup, it’s official now.
 photo dianekordaswrapbracelet-madeofjewelry_zps29c0703b.jpg

[All images viaย Net-A-Porter]