Yi Collection x MoJ
Julio Cuellar Fine
Young In The Mountains

Yi Collection x Made of Jewelry

Yi Guo of Yi Collection and I have teamed up to create a unique chain ring. The first thing we brainstormed about was the gemstone colors. We decided to go with black and pink as these are MoJ’s theme colors. They’re chic colors too right? Next was selecting stones and shapes. So Yi showed off some options […]

Diana Porter Jewellery : Thirteen

Diana Porter is launching her latest collection next month… and it’s got me very excited! As well as falling for every piece, I also love the concept behind the collection. The ‘Thirteen’ Collection, as you may be able to guess, is made up of thirteen one-of-a-kind diamond rings. These unique diamonds include; geometric angular shards, […]

Anastassia Sel : Devoir ring

Anastassia Sel is a Canada-based designer which you maybe might already know. She creates fine jewelry and  I can tell that you’ll love her style. Each piece includes pretty stones and clean lines plus Everything she makes just keeps getting more and more beautiful. But that being said, I want to show off her Devoir ring. […]

Emi Conner Jewelry

Emi Conner is a Virginia-based designer who creates her pieces with ethical sourced gemstones and diamonds. Her designs have that sweet and magical touch to it, very feminine. As told by herself, she creates fine jewelry with love and light for the mindful woman. My personal favorite styles are Emi’s Layla ring, Olina ring and […]

Fran Barker Design : Mimosa

Whenever I see the gorgeous ring by Fran Barker Designs, it makes me think of something idyllic. I don’t know why but I personally adore her unique style. Very charming too. Like shown today, her Mimosa rings are sleek and modern but also still with a classic touch to it. What I really like myself about […]

Jillian Abboud : Swivel Signet

Ever since I saw designer’s Jillian Abboud first Swivel signet ring on social media, I just knew…this is the next modern heirloom every woman should have to have! It’s such a personal, beautiful and fun ring. It can be custom made with your favorite gemstone and be engraved on the back with a date or initials or […]

Caleb B. Squashen : Ethically Sourced Obscure Gems

Besides highlighting jewelry and their designers, I wanted to set gemstones in the spotlights! We must not forget about them because they are an important part of jewelry making! Gemstone dealers and cutters are people I must share about, too. Myself I love so many gemstones and cuts and shapes. I just won’t start naming them […]

Charlotte le Hardy : Metamorphosis

A month or two ago, the London based designer Charlotte le Hardy launched her new website introducing the Metamorphosis collection. Charlotte puts all her heart in what she does. Her creations are beautifully crafted pieces and very refined. The new Metamorphosis collection is made with 18-carat gold and cabochon rubies to evoke a journey encompassing change, […]