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Point No Point Studio

Point No Point Studio, handmade jewelry by the talented Julie Stark. I came across her work a few years back on Etsy and which I've following up and seen grown over time.
Her designs are dazzling. They are all mothwatering if you know what I mean.
Diamond rings in all sizes and shapes. From rough to speckled rose cuts to everything else you can imagine. more

Vertigo by Ashley Childs


September is near and so our designers new collections as well. Let me introduce you to Ashley Childs' Vertigo collection, which I'm currently very fond of.
The lines and the flowy curves are so feminine but the designs of this collection are at the same time also little pieces of art.

Ashley on her inspiration:
"In terms of inspiration, its a long-time love of sculpture, having done clay, bronze-casting, woodshop, mold-making and light-metal casting in schools, also Frank Gehry architecture, Bracusi's bronze pieces (“Bird in Space” is an absolute favorite), minimalist jewelers like Elsa Peretti and Jill Platner…" more

Ring Concierge


If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, a timeless piece or something that would fit your personal style, Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge is who you need!
I must admit I'd love to be Nicole (and I'm sure you too!). Beside being gorgeous herself and having a great style (you better follow her on Insta) she gets to see and help people out to find gorgeous jewelry. You can tell she cares about jewelry.
Find out more about Ring Concierge -based in New York City, FYI - and her services below: more

MoJ on vacay!

Yups, while you're reading this I'm on my way (or hve already arrived) to our summer destination. Which btw is Fuerteventura. It is one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, with white sands and turquoise waters!
We've been there two years ago and it was so nice so we thought we should return to it once more!
This time we're staying at another part of the island called Costa Calma. There isn't much to see or to do on the entire island but it will be a nice 14 days away from home. Yes, 14 days. Stay tuned on Instagram for holiday updates (although there is limited wifi access). See you again in August!


[Photo by MoJ | Jewelry by V JewelleryKelly Bello DesignArmy Of Rokosz and Charlie and Marcelle | Sunglasses by Ace & Tate]


MoJ’s 4th anniversary!

madeofjewelry 4th anniversary

Today is THE day! I've been looking forward to celebrate this special day with you all!
Besides my love for jewelry it's also thanks to you, my readers and social media followers, who helped me to go through these four fabulous years. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your precious time reading my blog and checking out social media, especially Instagram which is such a great platform to bring jewel lovers and jewelry designers together!

For this special occassion, I was lucky to team up with the fabulous and talented Sofia Zakia. We're giving away a GORGEOUS Rainbow Stardust ring.
Head over to instagram and simply follow the instructions to enter the giveaway, which btw ends on July 11th. The winner will then be announced on Wednesday July 12th!


madeofjewelry anniversary 2017






Black & Pink – Anniversary Special

"Anniversary Special", that's a lot said though.
I came up with this idea since it's almost MoJ's 4th anniversary (July 5th, you better tuni in on IG that day!) and since black & pink are the blog's theme colors. Plus I'm also a little obsessed to get myself a pink-stone ring. Maybe pink sapphire or tourmaline. Anyways, these jewelry pieces include -mainly rings, I'm ring-obsessed- a lot of pink and a little of black.
More Black & Pink pieces here. more


Excuse me guys for this but it annoys me like a lot.
Ever since I started this blog, about 4years ago, I used Photobucket for my images.
Well now this stinks. All was good until a day or two. Even with all the ads it was a decent service. But I cannot even share photos to my blog without paying. Not that I don't want to pay. Don't get me wrong. It's just, they had this free plan, which I only have used not even half of its space so far and now without notifying people through their accounts or via email they have changed their terms. They have one option if you want to do image sharing, pay $399,99 per year. Per year! Just like that!
And that's not all...all my images have been replaced. 4 years of blogging are gone. They could at least have kept them the way they were.
So, sorry to all of you if you no longer can see the actual images and jewelry.
In the meantime I have a new solution for future blog post but as when it comes to the past ones... more

Mason Grace

mason grace jewelry madeofjewelry

You might know mason grace jewelry, but I'll help in case you don't. 😉
Below I selected  few rings which I personally really like, obviously. As designer Cybil told me, I indeed picked a little bit of everything.
"I feel that we are all a little of everything even when we may gravitate towards one style more often we all have that part of our personality sometimes." - Cybil more