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From Stone To Paper

Ángela, fine jewelry on paper as described by herself. Don't know her yet? Well, you should!
Ángela from Stone To Paper is an artist I came across on Instagram. She created watercolor paintings of fine jewelry and they are beaaaautiful, obviously! So I contacted Ángela for a little Q&A to get to know her and her work a bit better. more

Jewel Lover : Lauren Havens

Next up in our Jewel Lover series is Lauren Havens, whom I'm obsessed with. I mean, if you're into earpieces/piercing...she has ears to envy!
Besides pretty adorned ears (and purple hair) she happens to work at Ylang 23, as Director of Sales FYI. She works at source you guys!! If I'd be her, I wouldn't be able to resist all the gorgeous jewelry I'd get to see, touch and smell on a daily basis.

Get to know more about Lauren, her love for jewelry and discover her favorite pieces below: more

Earrings For All

I've done a previous post on all things earrings earlier this year, but I thought it was about time to perhaps some more earpieces. Ears must not be forgotten. We can adorn them in every way and every style you want. There are no rules.
So here are some styles for every single one of you, whether you like them big, bold, dainty or mismatched. Just style your ears the way you want!
I might have let myself go a little as I initially planned on just a few pieces but ended up with twice as much. more

Lauren Addison – Q&A


Lauren Addison, a private NYC jeweler and graduate gemologist to be obsessed with. At least, I am!
Her pieces are so dreamy and magical...and that's even an understatement. If you're seeking for something special or non-traditional, she's the one you might be looking for! Bespoke/custom/OOAK jewelry are an investment for sure and there are obviously endless options. What better to take your ideas to a private jeweler and create your dream piece together?
You can tell Lauren is professional who loves what she does. More about Lauren and her work in a little Q&A below. more

Engagement rings



Engagement season is here! It's the period which starts from Thanksgiving in late November up till Valentine's Day in February.
Although, to me, it's Engagement and Bridal season all year long! These few months simply have the most Holidays in it (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day) and it happens to be a lot of people go down on their knees then-what better time for a proposal?
Anyways, want to send some hints or want to get some inspo? We've got you covered!
I wish I could share every single fabulous designer (there are soooo many talented designers out there with unique pieces) but here is a little round-up like I love to make them for you! Engagement rings in different shapes, sizes and gemstones-but mainly diamonds though. more

Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again! We're just a few weeks away but the holidays will be here sooner than you might think. Time flies. And so, in case you're still looking for something sparkling gifts for you, your family or friends... glance at this little list I made for you and get inspired! more

Jewelry Under $200

As told in my previous, not everyone has the money to buy exquisite and/or high end jewelry. But you must know there is jewelry out there for all kinds of budgets. That's why I selected some under $200 just for you! Hope you'll like what I've came up with! more

The Sparkliest Sunrise

Theresa Kaz Jewelry is an eponymous fine jewelry brand based in New Jersey.  The richness and warmth of 18k gold serves as a palette for intricate custom cut semi-precious gemstones as well as fancy cut diamonds. An amalgamation of celestial motifs reimagined, classic geometric cuts reinterpreted, and subtle deco influences inspired the collection which fuses an artfully whimsical with timelessly elegant style. 

Theresa lives in Bergen County, NJ with her husband, two neanderthal sons and pit bull Ruxpin.  Ruxpin is the nicest one to her.  She is an avid happy hour attendee, weightlifting junkie (@diamondsandiron, girl power!), coffee lover and sarcasm enthusiast. more