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Emerald Marquis + Giveaway

Happy birthday to all May-babies out there! Did you know Emerald is May’s birthstone? Yes? I know you did! I love emeralds myself too, not because it’s my birthstone but because it’s my boyfriends his. Plus, emeralds have this somehow enchanting green color which I really adore. So if you like the color green and […]

Bondeye Jewelry

I’m such a fan of Bondeye Jewelry! Thank goodness for social media because that’s how I came across Jess Klein’s fabulous line some time ago. Jess is a New York-based jewelry designer but studied in Sydney in 2013-14. She’d been designing more trend/costume jewelry back then, all gold plated. At the time she was in […]

Sarah Richey

How about sharing about Sarah Richey newest creations? In the past few years, she got featured a few times on such as with her Geode Twig ring and Evil Eye ring. Sarah’s aesthetic is mainly inspired by raw, beautiful elements found in nature. She incorporates branches and bones but also geodes and pretty gemstones such as emeralds (keep […]

Elisabeth Bell Jewelry

Today I have the honor to present you two unique and incredible pieces by Elisabeth Bell. I’m a fan of designer Beth Yorn ever since I started Made of Jewelry. I personally never can get enough of her unique designs which mainly are inspired by nature. Their feminine look and organic lines are so appealing […]

Jacquie Aiche : Little Daisy

When it comes to Jacquie Aiche, it’s hard not to love her jewelry. You may know her pieces from her celebrity and supermodel fans such as Rihanna, Nikki Reed, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, Behati Prinsloo, Bella Hadid and many more. Her jewels are very popular but I totally get why.  They’re feminine yet edgy. Myself, I regularly […]

Jewel Lover : Dominique

Ever since I started the blog and so also my IG account, I follow some fellow jewel lovers and drool over their personal collection. A few years ago I came across Dominique hers, @henridominiquejewelry. As you can see on there, Dominique is a GIA educated passionate jewelry buyer-collector and wearer. And I always love what […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is only one month away. Myself, I always get two presents: one for my mom and one for my grandmother (whom also is my godmother). I love personalized pieces, which is even greater to give or to receive on Mother’s Day. So because of that, I included some of these in this Gift […]

Lepidocrocite Quartz ring by Ellie Air

Nature is so, so great! Last month, Lauren of Ellie Air was selling some pretty stones to make rings with and I fell in love with this beautiful quartz. A sparkly large lepidocrocite quartz. She had two of them actually, one smaller than the other. But I went for the largest one. This beauty came to me about […]