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Russian Emerald Release

Kat Florence traveled to Saint Petersburg in Russia last month, back in February, and this toย acquire some old Russian Emeralds that date back to the times of the Tsars. Isn’t this awesome!? You must know that Russian Emeralds can no longer be sourced. You can only acquire them from individuals who have held on to […]


How would you feel about trying jewelry on at home? It’s possible! For all of you who love to shop online…keep on reading! Memoย brings the discovery of fine jewelry to your home with their home try-on service. I really like the concept. The modern and quite personal approach to retail/fine jewelry grants customers a three-day […]

Marrow Fine : the process of a custom ring

Today is a special post. If you’re such a jewelry addict as I am…you’ll adore! I love Marrowย (Jillian’s unique style is beyond beautiful for words) and the magic that comes with every single piece. Jillian shows her creations off on IG and it’s interesting getting to know how a piece can come to life such […]

Three Stone rings

Personally I like solitaire or single stone rings a lot. But, the more gems the merrier right? So I thought to do a little round-up of some three stone rings. These all also make a perfect engagement ring, as when it comes to that many people rather pick solitaire rings. Multi-stone rings such as three […]

Bliss Lau : Futurist & Forest

When it comes to Bliss Lau, there is no way you cannot be obsessed with her work.She is one of the first designers I fell madly in love with when I started the blog. I’m a fan of her ever since. She makes me drool over every new design she makes. So I thought it […]

Love Letters from India

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, even how big or small they are… designers are always looking out for unique and amazing gemstones for their jewelry. And what better to look for them at the source! That’s what Kat Florence does! Always wondered about gem sourcing? So did I! I find it very fascinating to […]

Jill Kathleen Designs

I’m so happy to introduce to you Jill Kathleen Designs. I personally fell in love with Jill’s Picot rings, at first. And so now I do love her entire current collection. It looks so stylish, feminine and some pieces look so delicate with flowy designs which I really adore. Jill creates heirloom quality, handcrafted fine […]


Meet the newest member, the Daybreak ring by Juliet.M. I’m not too sure if you can tell by ALL the pictures (I love how photogenic this ring is!) but it sparkles so damn much!! The ring is set with three little marquise and four round diamonds. It’s a delicate piece which can be worn on […]