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Teary Eye

Like I told I my previous post, I'm into earrings these days. Earrings from all sizes and shapes. I've found myself playing with them, mixing and matching all kind of types but also metals. From silver to rose gold and gold vermeil.
It's just fun to do as you like. No rules. Just go with the flow. I really suggest you to do the same or at least try. Seriously, you gotta give it a try! Earrings aren't just meant to be worn in a specific hole. Not the first, not the second, etc... Be unconventional! I love it! Well, minimal unconventional but as you'll see below, I'm working on it!
In todays blog post I'm enjoying the pretty new Teary Eye earrings by Stefanie Sheehan. more


tidal-earrings-sarah-sebastian-madeofjewelryLately, I've given larger earrings a chance. As you might know (or not) I'm more a stud-kinda girl or at least I usually wear small earpieces. But sometimes a girl has to extend her comfort zone right?
Anyways, in this post, I'm wearing Sarah & Sebastian's Tidal earrings, from their new Tidal Collection. They're very organic and flowy plus they're lightweight, which is always a plus. more

Sparkling Buckles


My newest obsession in Shay Jewelry's new Mixed Diamond Buckle pinky ring! It's not available yet but it was love at first sight.
Tania, one-half of the Shay-duo (which a mom-daughter duo btw) was so kind to provide these drool-worthy imageries of the new pinky ring. Ain't you just want to have it too?
I personally love pinky rings but this is one is one of the best I've ever seen. A fabulous defined design with pretty shapes and the perfect amount of diamonds. It is SUPERB!
In the meantime, while we wait for this beauty to be available for purchase, I've selected another Buckle ring which you might like as well. It's a bit bolder but darn good, too! more



I lately have a thing for necklaces. I'm endeavoring to create my very own neckgame... and I'm obsessed with Meitalove! So these two are now 'translated' into this blog post.
The Artemis Bow necklaces is one of those pieces you know they'll last a lifetime. A gorgeous piece, obviously, which is without a doubt fun to layer with. This style also comes in earrings, in case you're more into earswag fyi! more

It’s my birthday!!


Yayyy! One year older but also wiser. 😉 And one more year until the big 30 though but doesn't scare me.
In 'honor' of my birthday (besides the giveaway on Instagram) I've selected some gorgeous blue sapphire pieces, as that's all September babies birthstone, to celebrate.
Hope you guys like!



[Selection and collage by MoJ]



Soulbound 🎮 Pixels and Video Games

Soulbound-pixel collection-madeofjewelry

Just a month or two ago, I stumbled upon Soulbound NYC on instagram (hail social media!) and I was instantly in awe. Designer Kelly's design instantly appealed to me. The fun pixel designs and the soft tones of gemstones made me swoon. Playful yet feminine...I like!
Soulbound is a line of video game inspired jewelry designed and crafted in New York City with the finest materials - recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and natural colored gemstones.
Get to know more about Soulbound below in the Q&A I did with Kelly. more

Royal Blue

yi-collection-royal-blue-chain-ring-madeofjewelryIt's September 1st so what could be better to starting this month right with this lovely chain ring by Yi Collection, which includes a sapphire. A royal blue sapphire, that is.
This ring is as delicate as it looks. It's very dainty but oh so cute. Perfect for everyday wear, as in really every single day. They're petite yet feminine and effortless.

Yi is a Vogue China Style Editor turned jewelry designer, fyi. This girl has got some style and she is using it well! more