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Jewel Lover : Shira Rose

Hi lovers! Let's welcome Shira Rose, style blogger at A Sequin Love Affair to the Jewel Lovers-club!
I've been following Shira since quite a while now on Instagram. I love her style, pop of colors, pretty nails and bold lipcolors (which btw suit her so well!). I which I could wear colors just as good as she does. Also, she has such a pretty smile!
Anyways, we're here to talk about keep on reading: more


Sometimes simple is perfect. A pretty band and a stunning stone like today's featured piece make the perfect deal. If not more.
Here is the gorgeous Eva Rose Cut Brown diamond ring by Seattle-based LilyEmme Jewelry. Designer Valerie's fine jewelry is handcrafted with eco-friendly materials.
This ring has a gorgeous brown colored pear-shaped diamond which made me fall in love with her. It has such pretty tones to it.
The compass-setting is the perfect finishing touch, which I obviously absolutely adore. As you might know, #ihavethisthingwithprongs.
I might have to give my other half a hint or two! 😉 more


Today I'm presenting you this dainty one-of-kind ring by Vena Amoris Jewelry, Yasmin.
A pretty solitaire ring set with a purple rose cut sapphire. I personally adore the organic look and uniqueness of designer Tesia Alexandra's designs. This ring might look simple but it looks perfect just the way it is. Personally, I really like the bread set of 14 yellow diamonds so it sparkles even seen from the side! They accentuate the purple sapphire perfectly.
Tesia on her inspirations says: "I'm an art history nerd.... overall I want my work to look like it belongs to a princess from the Mideast 2000 years ago... " more

Modular Single Statement earrings

There are so many jewelry designs I loved at first sight so the earrings I'm putting in the spotlight today are as well. Instant lovestruck. Paige Novick's new modular single statement earrings are a real treat for the eye. They are like actual ear-candy. I adore looking at them so I hope you do as well!. Plus they're perfect to mix and match...layering for the ear! They are the perfect colorful statement earrings. Arc-en-ciels (rainbows FYI) for the ear!
These single earrings come in different styles, lengths and gemstones. How can one even pick JUST ONE favorite?? I truly wouldn't know. more

Let’s ring in the New Year

Happy New Year dear Jewel Lovers! I love you guys!!
If it wasn't for you, the awesome designers and my love for jewelry...MoJ might have never lasted 4 years (soon 5 in July). No kidding.
I can't thank you all enough for your love, interest and support. I might not be the best at what I do but I do it with a lot of love and passion.
As you might have read in my bio, I never knew something like blogging (let alone, jewelry blogs) was even a thing. All my spare time goes to scrolling through the internet and social media to check out incredible designs and their designers which then I love to share with you all. From emerging designers to the well-known ones. I'm not good with words but I hope the imagery you get to see on here and on IG makes you feel warm & swoon over and over again.
MoJ is here to share my genuine love for jewelry discoveries. Jewelry makes me excited
and I hope it does the same thing for you.
Besides all this, I truly 2018 might be an even better year 2017 might have been for every single one of you. I hope it brings you all love, peace, energy, motivation, good health and everything else your heart desires.

Cheers to that!

Cushla Whiting

Today I'd love to introduce you to Cushla Whiting, in case you don't know them yet. Cushla Whiting is a fine jeweller creating elegant and unique designs including engagement rings
Besides that, Cushla Whiting is an Australian family business comprised of siblings Cushla, Anna and Hamish Whiting, the children of a world-renowned gemologist. How great is this team? I mean, how awesome must it be to work together with your siblings?
Cushla is the jewelry designer, Anna is the General Manager and Hamish is the in-house gemologist. Read more in the Q&A below and swoon over the imagery... more

Kelly Bello Design – BOSS giveaway

Hello Monday to all the lady bosses out there!
I'm super delighted to announce I'm hosting a giveaway with Kelly Bello Design!! Yay!
The Holidays are right there (well one week away) so we thought it would be great to make one of you happy with a pretty dainty gift. You can win a 14K white gold BOSS Mini Letter bracelet. Yup, that's right! So be sure to enter ASAP!
This dainty badass piece retails for $470 and it can be yours!

In case you're not willing to wait: You can personalize with any word/name/initials/mantra or whatsoever here!

To enter, you must follow the steps below:
1. Follow @kellybellodesign and @madeofjewelry on Instagram
2. Comment on the giveaway post by tagging three friends
3. Cross your fingers

Giveaway ends on December 24th.
The winner will be announced on Monday, December 25th! Good Luck 🙂


And remember, slay it like a BOSS⚡️👊🏼