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Young In The Mountains

Nereus bracelet by Paula Mendoza

As if a snake wrapped itself around your wrist, but it ain’t a snake. It’s way better. This Nereus bracelet is wrapped organically with golden bubbles descending in size, it just look pretty. And as if this is not enough for you: more is to come. More as in the soon-to-be-available collection SS14 “Triangle of […]


  There is this Carnivore collection by Annelise Michelson. I find it pretty and audacious. The name of the collection says enough about the jewelry piece themselves. Also, know that each piece is produced in limited quantities and hand-crafted in France using only 100% French materials.

Violet Darkling

Violet Darkling has the wickest jewelry you have ever seen. Jewelry pieces which aren’t this common but oh-so-rad and oh-so-cute. The designer Louisa Richwhite is definately inspired by some special creatures and can fit them into jewelry perfectly. Her jewelry has that little thin more. It kinda is magic. This word ‘Magic’ popped in my […]

Salome Arrow Head Creoles

  Another Instagram discovery, from a week ago, the Salome Arrow Head Creoles. By following Katie Rowland, I was on there at the right time to see the newest picture (see above) which was just being uploaded. It was as if it popped into my eye. “Look at me, look at me.” And so I […]

Triangles On Your Ear

  I recently came across Smith + Mara via Instagram. Yup, to me, Instagram is a real walhalla to discover brands and designers I never heard about and to fall in love with their creations.  Smith + Mara is one of those discoveries. When scrolling down to check out their pictures, my eyes caught their Pavé Diamond Cutout triangle […]


  Eddie Borgo…there is something about the jewelry. It has it’s own mark. I can tell. At some point, you get to know designers their style and trademarks. Meaning: you can pick out which piece is from which designer. Something recognisable, you know. I’m slowely getting there. And Eddie has that too. Though, I am […]