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It’s Eliza

  Let me introduce you this pretty necklace made by Isabel Borczuch from Isobel + Ezra. The necklace is one of the handcrafted pieces from the FW13 collection. Eliza is a layered chain made out of a black onyx crystal and a big clear crystal quartz. The stunning minerals, crystal quartz, do both have a […]

Ava cuff by Natalie B

  I adore bohemian cuffs. There, I said it. I remember getting myself one at the age of thirteen. A simple silver cuff with something floral in the middle which I bought on the market. Natalie B. has lovely cuffs such as the Azteca cuff and Tessa cuff. But all eyes on the Ava cuff. […]

High Tide

  Waves under a full moon with the star constellations, how dreamy is that? Pamela Love has such beautiful, edgy, fierce and mystical jewelry pieces. This High Tide pendant is one of those pieces. It’s so beautiful to look at. You would keep it in your hands and look at every detail on the plate. […]

D and Q – Jewelry for Men

Of course we don’t forget about you, guys. Men do wear jewelry too. It’s less common in comparision to women. But why wouldn’t men wear jewelry? Men these days don’t just wear their braided leather bracelets with silver claps. Nope. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks… Just keep it simple and don’t wear too much. To name […]

Sunny Flowers

  Autumn is here, winter is coming up but let’s keep a bit summer with us. Flowers and a bright color. What else is better than this combo? The fabulous designers of DanniJo, Danni and Jo Snyder, create fancy and girly statement pieces. Every single piece is one you just cannot not love. Especially their […]

Some armswag by Pascale Monvoisin

  The brand Pascale Monvoisin has it all what we like. Colors, style and simplicity. Because, what more do we need. Plus, layering bracelets…Pascal Monvoisin is the perfect armswag you can dream of. And for an affordable price too! The perfect combo! The perfect jewelry for your everyday style or to wear with your shirt […]

Eden by Joanne MacFadyen

Joanne MacFadyen designs and makes contemporary jewelry using precious metals and gemstones. You just gotta love her pieces. I do! Joanne’s Eden Collection is so pretty. By seeing the pieces, the collection its name is an ovious choice. Eden…it totally looks like and feels like Eden. the jewelry pieces from the eden collection are so […]