Lydia Courteille visit

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When in Paris last month, I had the honor to meet the extraordinaire and charming Lydia Courteille. I admire her work a lot. So as you can guess, by the time I was in front of her shop, ready to enter, I got instantly more excited than I already was five minutes earlier!
Her creations aren't 'just' jewelry...they are each objects d'art! They are magical.
While her store was very cozy (loved it's atmosphere and tones which made me feel comfortable) and had that warm feel, I can't describe you how amazing it was to see all of her creations being displayed around me.
A place where beautiful and unique creations are displayed behind some kind of windows. I was surrounded by colorful jewelry of all kind, of all shapes but most of all I was surrounded by an incredible craftmanship. And all have a story to tell.

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Lydia shared with me she is a gemstone collector and then tends to use these stones in her creations, which all are one-of-a-kind.
The flowers ring (Sweet and Sour collection) above are astonishing. They are quite large yet so delicate. If only flowers would bloom like these rings.
View below some of the exquisite pieces created by the wonderful Lydia Courteille.
 photo lydia-courteille-earrings-madeofjewelry_zpsvpjx6byw.jpg
The amazing and famous Kite earrings. As all of Lydia's pieces, they each tell a story.
Her collections or based on her travels, themes she loves, etc. Because honestly, there nothing as good as jewelry which tell you a story and which makes you love them even more...not only because of the looks or design.

 photo lydia-courteille-kite-earrings-madeofjewelry_zpscanr9tdn.jpg
 photo lydia-courteille-moon-kite-earrings-madeofjewelry_zpsm5vgwtya.jpgMoon 18-karat white gold, diamond and enamel earrings.
 photo lydia-courteille-nathalie-shau-ring-madeofjewelry_zpsydbh0q3o.jpg
Loved to finally look at this ring in real!
This precious stone ring is is made with Natalie Shau's art. Simply brillinat!Also know that Natalie is the artist of all the amazing artworks on Lydia Courteille's website. Illustrations which reminds me of Eden's Garden but with a dark edge here and there. This couldn't be an any greater collaboration.
 photo lydia-courteille-nathalie-shau-jewelry-madeofjewelry_zps9mkbyhif.jpg

 photo lydia-courteille-rouge-collection-madeofjewelry_zpsibvqliom.jpg

Lydia's Scarlett Empress collection looks very powerful to me. Red of course has that power kind of feel but it is even more prononounced in this collection due the story behind it. Lydia told me this collection is inspired by the Russian Empress Catherine II. A woman who ruled...a powerful woman back at the time in the 18th Century.
All pieces of the collection are made of red rhodium, enamel, rubies and/or rubellites.
Loved the pendant which has a rabit inside it. Fascinating.
 photo lydia-courteille-rings-madeofjewelry_zpsf0e7q9zr.jpg
The beyond incredible & exotic Parrot ring, set with an orange garnet, sapphires, green garnet in blackened gold.
Looked great on my hand, don't you think? 😉
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[All photos my MoJ | Thanks for having us, Lydia!]