Cute Little Animals

yaci french bulldog ring - madeofjewelry


When seeing this photo above I bet you thought how cute and adorable this looks like. These were my first thoughts too.
Cutest rings ever, you have to admit they are.
YaciΒ creates pieces we all melt for. I guess there is nothing else I have to add to this. So take a look at the other pictures and items…and let your heart melt!
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linus bulldog ring by Yaci - madeofjewelry

French Bulldog ring “Linus”


kirby rabbit ring by Yaci - madeofjewelry
Rabbit ring “Kirby”

ring by yaci - madeofjewelry
Dachshund dog ringΒ |Β Cat ringΒ |Β Pug dog ring
Bulldog ringΒ |Β English Bulldog ring


yaci rings - madeofjewelry
Cat With Fish ringΒ |Β Owl ringΒ |Β Crow ringΒ |Β Cat ring


bulldog necklace yaci - madeofjewelry
French bullgod necklace


[All images via Yaci