Curb Chain

Sarah Sebastian SS2013 drei - madeofjewelry


Beautiful jewelry, hand crafted byย Sarah & Sebastian. Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki who together create refined, clean, minimalistic but also bold pieces. Everyone will find at least one pieces which will match their style and personality.
And all eyes on thisย Curb Chainย necklace. At least my eyes caught it. This piece is from theirย SS13 – Drei collectionย andย SS14 – Frรคulein collection.
It is perfectly crafted and all smooth. Nice finishes and the clasp is so well thought.
It is not just another chain link necklace, not at all.

Sarah Sebastian SS2013 curb - madeofjewelry

The Curb Chain is available in gold and silver plated.


Sarah Sebastian Curb Chain SS2014 - madeofjewelry


Sarah and Sebastian curb chain gold - madeofjewelry


[All images viaย Sarah & Sebastianย | Collages made by MoJ]