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Rare Beauties

  I was very thrilled to announce to you the partnership between KAT FLORENCE and Sarah Jessica Parker (read more about it here) a few days ago. Now I am very excited to show some of the pieces. The uniqueness and one of a kind beauty of KAT FLORENCE’s gemstone designs are enhanced by the […]


Susie Saltzman offers a bespoke alternative to the traditional engagement ring by infusing a fresh sophistication into timeless bridal rings. She is known for adding a subtle intricate newness to very customary, predictable engagement ring styles and offers a modern perspective for those who are looking for something special.As explained briefly in a previous post, Susie creates […]

Jess Hannah : Diamonds & Graduated Dots

To help launch the new Spectre x360, HP gave a sneak peek at the maker process. Jewelry designer and blogger Jess Hannah was one of those makers and she was up for the challenge when they asked her to #bendtherules of her design process to create something, unlike anything she’d made before. She had been thinking […]

Alice Cicolini

I have this new fascination for the extraordinaire Alice Cicolini. Contemporary and very desirable pieces made with diamonds, pearls and a touch of vibrant colors with some enamel. You have to see it by yourself. You’ll see why I adore Alice’s designs. And so you will, too. Each piece is like a piece of art by […]