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Maggi Simpkins

You know when you have this adoration for a certain thing or someone’s work? I have that with the beautiful Maggi Simpkins of Maggi Simpkins fine jewelry, who is based in Los Angeles. Her designs are truly phenomenal. Each time she shares a few shots of her recent work, I’m simply in awe and this over […]

Kat Kim : Ear Pin Collection

LA-based designer Kathrine Kim, the owner of KatKim, always knows how to make me swoon over her jewelry. Minimal yet innovative designs for everyone to love. So here I am today, showing off her signature ‘Ear Pin’. The Ear Pin Collection, is a wearable take on the designer’s modern interpretation of a safety pin and comes […]

Abby Sparks Jewelry : custom ring

Denver custom jewelry designer Abby Sparks Jewelry creates custom engagement rings, wedding rings, repurposed and unique jewelry. And this is what today’s ring is all about. The Lisa ring, named after the wearer, is a custom ring repurposed with diamonds of the client’s heirloom rings. The finished pieces resulted in a stunning Rose Gold diamond cluster ring […]

Fran Barker Design : Mimosa

Whenever I see the gorgeous ring by Fran Barker Designs, it makes me think of something idyllic. I don’t know why but I personally adore her unique style. Very charming too. Like shown today, her Mimosa rings are sleek and modern but also still with a classic touch to it. What I really like myself about […]

Elisabeth Bell Jewelry

Today I have the honor to present you two unique and incredible pieces by Elisabeth Bell. I’m a fan of designer Beth Yorn ever since I started Made of Jewelry. I personally never can get enough of her unique designs which mainly are inspired by nature. Their feminine look and organic lines are so appealing […]

Diaboli Kill : Pythia Bridal Set

As soon designer Angie of Diaboli Kill released her newest collection a little while ago, I got instantly lovestruck. Even this much it’s too little for words. But I can guess you get me on this, so keep reading and scroll down for more prettiness! The Pythia Princes Cut Solitaire Diamond set makes me swoon. It’s […]

Magical Eden

I recently reached out to Gwen of Eden Presely as I am a huge fan of her creations, especially from her Rock Collection. I adore all the shapes and colored gemstones of every creation. They give me that warm feeling you have when you have been able to sleep in and the birds outdoors have […]

Studio1040 x Made of Jewelry little while ago, I asked Jacqui of Studio1040 if she’d like to team up with MoJ to create a beautiful ring together, here is the result! A beautiful three stone marquise champagne diamond, a ring with different diamond shapes. The design process went very smooth thanks to Jacqui. I had a few specific designs in […]