Jewel Lovers

The Jewel Lover series is about YOUR most cherished jewelry pieces. From heirloom jewels to you wedding ring or simply your favorite jewelry piece(s).
If you’re interested on being featured, feel free to contact us via MoJ’s contact page and share your story with all the readers!


Jewel Lover : Shira Rose

Hi lovers! Let's welcome Shira Rose, style blogger at A Sequin Love Affair to the Jewel Lovers-club!
I've been following Shira since quite a while now on Instagram. I love her style, pop of colors, pretty nails and bold lipcolors (which btw suit her so well!). I which I could wear colors just as good as she does. Also, she has such a pretty smile!
Anyways, we're here to talk about keep on reading: more

Jewel Lover : Lauren Havens

Next up in our Jewel Lover series is Lauren Havens, whom I'm obsessed with. I mean, if you're into earpieces/piercing...she has ears to envy!
Besides pretty adorned ears (and purple hair) she happens to work at Ylang 23, as Director of Sales FYI. She works at source you guys!! If I'd be her, I wouldn't be able to resist all the gorgeous jewelry I'd get to see, touch and smell on a daily basis.

Get to know more about Lauren, her love for jewelry and discover her favorite pieces below: more

Jewel Lover : Charlene


I'm super happy to share with you all Charlene's personal collection. She is a longtime follower of MoJ and she was excited to participate. This gal such a huuuuge collection. Find more about it below! more

Jewel Lover : Brooke

Ever since I started the Jewel Lover series in 2014, and actually ever since I started the blog, I love to see what random people wear and how they style their jewelery.
As a jewelry insider it's a pleasure to see every now and then how Brooke, who works for Jacquie Aiche FYI, styles her jewels...and so I finally asked her to share her favorites with us all:

I have been an instagram friend and follower of Sophie and Made of Jewelry for quite some time now. She has such great taste and always finds unique designs, up-and coming, and yet-to-be-discovered designers to feature. I'm honored to be a part of "Jewel Lover"! more

Jewel Lover : Rose

Some of you may know Rose on Instagram as @lilgreenhouse. She is a collector, whom we all envy for sure. It's always so nice and fun to discover which new pieces she acquired for her collection. more

Jewel Lover : Stephanie Gottlieb

It's always a pleasure to have fellow jewel lovers sharing their most cherished and favorite pieces from their personal collection. So interesting to take a peek at someone's jewelrybox.
This time I asked jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to open her box for us!

My name is Stephanie Gottlieb and I started my business Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry two years ago. I work with my clients to find or create beautiful jewelry for any desired occasion.
My love of jewelry started when I was a little girl, but I like to think it’s in my genes. My grandfather worked as an apprentice alongside his uncle in Harry Winston’s New York workshop. He passed his passion for jewelry to my mom, and as a little girl she and I spent many happy hours together pouring over her collection.
Jewelry for me is about more than just the sparkle. It evokes memories of a special trip where it was bought, a momentous occasion, or an important person who gifted the piece. Most of my favorite pieces are gifts from important people in my life; and my other favorites are some of my first designs. I’ll touch on my favorite from each category. more

Jewel Lover : Kristina


Today is my pleasure to have Kristina from Leola Revives to share about her favorite personal jewelry.
She adores vintage and antique jewelry and has been a collector for many years.
Besides collecting and selling gorgeous anitque jewelry, she also designs new pieces so be sure to visit her Etsy store Leola Revives soon! more

Jewel Lover : Beth Bernstein

Beth Bernstein, her name might ring a bell to you. She is a jewelry expert with vast experience in various areas of the jewelry industry. She is a very skilled writer (she even has published books!) Besides being a designer of her own brands (Estate of Grace Fine Jewelry and Bethany B) she also is a writer/editor to consumer and trade magazines. A true inspiration.

Discover along with me about Beth's passion and love for jewelry and of course, her favorite personal pieces: more