Black Onyx

Jennie Kwon, ah, yes.ย  I first fell ย for her…well I fell hard for herย Onyx ring. By now I amloving so much more such as the Arrow earrings,ย White Diamond Equilibrium Cuff ring, theย Hexagon intial ringย andย Braided Bar bracelet. And more!
But like I just said, I fell hard for her Onyx ring.
Perfect to match with other rings and perfectly to stack with Jennie Kwon’sย Equilibrium cuff ring.

rings by Jennie Kwon - madeofjewelry


Have I mentioned yet I ALSO fell hard for the Equilibrium ring with black and white diamonds?
Because… I.Adore.Them!

blackOnyx andEquilibriumCuff ring - madeofjewelry
jennie kwon - madeofjewelry
Jennie Kwon hand-onyx - madeofjewelry

Itโ€™s a perfect addition to any stack, don’t you think?

OnyxRing Jennie Kwon - madeofjewelry
[All pictures via Jennie Kwon | Collages by MoJ]