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Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again! We're just a few weeks away but the holidays will be here sooner than you might think. Time flies. And so, in case you're still looking for something sparkling gifts for you, your family or friends... glance at this little list I made for you and get inspired! more

Jewelry Under $200

As told in my previous, not everyone has the money to buy exquisite and/or high end jewelry. But you must know there is jewelry out there for all kinds of budgets. That's why I selected some under $200 just for you! Hope you'll like what I've came up with! more

The Sparkliest Sunrise

Theresa Kaz Jewelry is an eponymous fine jewelry brand based in New Jersey.  The richness and warmth of 18k gold serves as a palette for intricate custom cut semi-precious gemstones as well as fancy cut diamonds. An amalgamation of celestial motifs reimagined, classic geometric cuts reinterpreted, and subtle deco influences inspired the collection which fuses an artfully whimsical with timelessly elegant style. 

Theresa lives in Bergen County, NJ with her husband, two neanderthal sons and pit bull Ruxpin.  Ruxpin is the nicest one to her.  She is an avid happy hour attendee, weightlifting junkie (@diamondsandiron, girl power!), coffee lover and sarcasm enthusiast. more

Jewelry Under $500

jewelry-under-500 USD-madeofjewelry

A few days ago I questioned, via a poll in my IG Stories, you guys if you wanted me to make a list of some jewelry pieces under $200 or under $500. At first many of you voted for $200 but it ended up to be very a close call so I'm gonna do both and start with a list of jewelry under $500 as you can see above. A post with jewelry under $200 will come next! more

Sofia Zakia necklace obsession


Know the feeling when you fall in love with something but then there is this stage you're becoming obsessed with it? I have this thing going on with quite a few jewelry pieces and designers such as Sofia Zakia's necklaces right now. So, I was thinking to share these necklaces with you and I hope you'll become as obsessed with them as I am! more

Diamonds & Dessert – Essentials

I'm super delighted to show off Diamonds & Desserts' new collection. I've liked D&D since the very beginning. Their name by itself already appealed me right away as I LOVE diamonds, obviously, and desserts as I'm a sweet tooth. I'm a huuuge sweet tooth.
I perhaps eat too much sugar on a daily basis...but we're not here to talk about my food intake.
D&D's Essential collection is launching today so let me first introduce you to the designers and founders Sean and Daniel, the masterminds behind the delicious brand, and on how it all began. more

Teary Eye

Like I told I my previous post, I'm into earrings these days. Earrings from all sizes and shapes. I've found myself playing with them, mixing and matching all kind of types but also metals. From silver to rose gold and gold vermeil.
It's just fun to do as you like. No rules. Just go with the flow. I really suggest you to do the same or at least try. Seriously, you gotta give it a try! Earrings aren't just meant to be worn in a specific hole. Not the first, not the second, etc... Be unconventional! I love it! Well, minimal unconventional but as you'll see below, I'm working on it!
In todays blog post I'm enjoying the pretty new Teary Eye earrings by Stefanie Sheehan. more