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Russian Emerald Release


Kat Florence traveled to Saint Petersburg in Russia last month, back in February, and this to acquire some old Russian Emeralds that date back to the times of the Tsars. Isn't this awesome!? You must know that Russian Emeralds can no longer be sourced. You can only acquire them from individuals who have held on to their treasure. That's what makes these emeralds so special these days too. They're rare.
Besides that, Russian Emeralds are ravishing, if not even more than that. They're truly captivating just like Kat's designs themselves!
As you can see below, Russian Emeralds and Kat's chic designs are a match made in heaven.

"This July marks the 100th year anniversary of the assassination of the last Tsar of Russia. Nicolas II was the final Tsar ending the Romanovs era. Their lives and history have become legends of the period. Extravagant jewels, palaces, costumes and stories have been left to romance the modern-day dreamers. During this era, the first Russian Emerald was discovered in the Tokovaya River. Russian Emeralds quickly rose to fame as their deep green tones rivaled the Colombians for their fiery crystal glow. Many Emerald jewels painted in the portraits of the Tsars and tsarinas were never seen again in public following the Soviet invasion. It would be lovely to hope that they’re lurking somewhere in the shadows or hidden away in a private collection. The history of the Tsars plays out like a tragic adventurous movie and I wanted to learn more. I have only ever set a handful of Russian Emeralds, as they are the most difficult Emerald to source. Their originating mine hasn’t produced quality pieces since prior to World War 1. My only connection to Russian gemstones is through one of my gem hunters; Don Kogen. Kogen has been traveling through Russia since he was young and has a lifetime of stories to share. I’ve worked with Kogen for several years, breaking eight world records and revealing some of the world’s rarest and most collectible gem types. Kogen spent a decade collecting Russian Emeralds directly from families and collectors throughout Russia. For my next collection, I really wanted to engage history. I wanted to take a journey to the past and celebrate a moment in time. I wanted to meet the personalities and families that held on to certain treasures for generations and try to narrate their story through my work. more



How would you feel about trying jewelry on at home? It's possible! For all of you who love to shop online...keep on reading!
Memo brings the discovery of fine jewelry to your home with their home try-on service. I really like the concept. The modern and quite personal approach to retail/fine jewelry grants customers a three-day complimentary loan in which you can see, feel and try on jewelry before making a purchase. Comes in handy if you're asking me because jewelry always looks even better if you get to see them in real scale and on yourself or matched/layered/stacked with your other jewels. Try before you buy!

Here's a Q&A about Memo with Deb LaBudde, Founder of Memo: more

Marrow Fine : the process of a custom ring

Today is a special post. If you're such a jewelry addict as I'll adore!
I love Marrow (Jillian's unique style is beyond beautiful for words) and the magic that comes with every single piece. Jillian shows her creations off on IG and it's interesting getting to know how a piece can come to life such as picking gemstones etc. I've obviously loved following its process of today's marvelous ring which started by stone selections and such via @Marrow Fine on Instagram Stories. (I even kept taking screenshots at the I'm always obsessed by everything Jillian creates but this ring caught my eye even more than any other in the past. So I HAD to ask Jillian to share with us all on how this ring came to life. Keep on reading, you won't be disappointed! You'll be in awe, just like I am!
It's so interesting getting to know how a custom piece is being created.

Jillian on the whole process of ring-making this piece for Louise:

Ahhh this was SUCH a fun piece to create!  Louise was a dreamboat of a client to work with as she has a distinct design point of view. Girlfriend loves color, yellow gold and vintage Art Deco-inspired designs. She also is very familiar with the brand and my design aesthetic and had so much trust to really let me run with the palette and overall design. more

Three Stone rings

Personally I like solitaire or single stone rings a lot. But, the more gems the merrier right? So I thought to do a little round-up of some three stone rings. These all also make a perfect engagement ring, as when it comes to that many people rather pick solitaire rings. Multi-stone rings such as three stone ones are a great style as well to go for.
Three stone rings are by the way also called Trilogy rings or Trinity rings: they represent the past, present and future of your relationship or friendship, love and fidelity.
Anyways, I hope you like this little selection and I'd love to hear if you're into three stone rings!

  1. One-Of-A-Kind 18K Black Gold Emerald ring by Lorraine Schwartz
  2.  Triple Crown Markl by Digby and Iona, set with a grey shield cut Diamond and two rose cut Diamonds
  3. Three Diamond ring by Lauren Wolf Jewelry, set with three kite shaped champagne Diamonds
  4. Aquamarine Triplets Iceberg ring by Kataoka Jewelry
  5. Dewdrops In The Morning ring by Kristen Baird, set with an emerald cut Pink Sapphire and two Diamonds
  6. Tri-Realm Matrix ring by Angela Monaco, set with Herkimer Diamonds
  7. Victorian Sophie Amalie ring via The Moonstoned, set with a sapphire and two old mine cut Diamonds
  8. Marquise Alexandrite ring by Oore Designs, also comes in Moissanite and Moissanite & Alexandrite
  9. Trio Cluster Sapphire ring by Era Jewelry, also check out the Petite Trio Cluster Sapphire ring
  10. Stardust Translator ring by Andy Lifschutz, set with an Oregon Sunstone and Aquamarine & Emerald as side stones
  11. Geometric Shield Diamond Robin ring by Point No Point Studio, set with two shield Diamonds and a hexagon Diamond
  12. Sapphire ring by Theresa M Lee, set with yellow Sapphire, purple Sapphire and a pink Sapphire
  13. Pear and Rose Cut Diamond ring by Gardens of the Sun, set with a faint pear yellow Diamond and flanked by two white rose cut Diamonds
  14. Pearl Black Spinel and White Sapphire ring by Erin Jane Designs
  15. Signature Three Stone ring by Arik Kastan, set with Labradorite
  16. Bea ring by Anna Sheffield, set with Rutilated Quartz and trillion Diamonds. Comes in various styles
  17. Past Present Future ring by Charlie and Marcelle, set with Moonstone
  18. Sapphire and Diamond ring by Lilian Ash
  19. Artemis Intaglio ring by Gillian Steinhardt, set with a hand carved Amethyst and two little Diamonds. It definitely counts as a three stone ring to me!
  20. Moonlight Drive ring by Liesel Love, set with a Rhodolite Garnet and Diamonds. Comes in different styles
  21. Paraïba Tourmaline ring by Emily Amey, set with Paraiba Tourmaline and brilliant kite Diamonds. Also see this similar styled Linen Sapphire with Pyrite Trillions ring
  22. Diamond Slice band ring by Après Jewelry
  23. Three Stone Mermaid ring by Anueva Jewelry, set with a green sapphire and spinel
  24. Sapphire Orin ring by Ivy Nixon Jewelry
  25. Salt and Pepper ring by t.Khares Jewelry, set with rose-cut salt & pepper Diamond and two rose-cut white Diamonds - The Fairytale ring by t.Kahres Jewelry, set with a rough Diamond and two white Diamonds
  26. Rica ring by Young In The Mountains, set with an inlaid stone and white Diamonds
  27. Charlotte ring by Mason Grace Jewelry, set with emerald cut Garnet. Comes in Blue Topaz as well

Bliss Lau : Futurist & Forest

When it comes to Bliss Lau, there is no way you cannot be obsessed with her work.She is one of the first designers I fell madly in love with when I started the blog. I'm a fan of her ever since. She makes me drool over every new design she makes. So I thought it was about time to show you some new creations of hers, the Futurist and Forest rings.
Both are very captivating as per usual.
I asked Bliss what the story behind both rings are, where came the inspiration from and what kind of women she sees wearing them. Here are some thoughts from Bliss on the woman who will own this ring: more

Love Letters from India

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, even how big or small they are... designers are always looking out for unique and amazing gemstones for their jewelry. And what better to look for them at the source! That's what Kat Florence does! Always wondered about gem sourcing? So did I! I find it very fascinating to know how it all goes and it definitely makes sense a designer wants to know where their stones came from. They're kind of a part of the jewelry piece story, don't you think? Besides that, Kat sources the most unique, flawless stones which enhance their natural beauty in her creation. I'm always mesmerized by the uniqueness of the incredible stones she uses in her designs She is magic!
Thanks to Kat Florence, here is a peek on how it all happens!
Kat Florence shares about her most recent trip to Jaipur to secure a few gemstone lots. more

Jill Kathleen Designs

I'm so happy to introduce to you Jill Kathleen Designs. I personally fell in love with Jill's Picot rings, at first. And so now I do love her entire current collection. It looks so stylish, feminine and some pieces look so delicate with flowy designs which I really adore.
Jill creates heirloom quality, handcrafted fine jewelry from ethically sourced materials. Her favorite material is Fairmined gold, but she also creates jewelry in recycled Argentium sterling silver. more


Meet the newest member, the Daybreak ring by Juliet.M. I'm not too sure if you can tell by ALL the pictures (I love how photogenic this ring is!) but it sparkles so damn much!!
The ring is set with three little marquise and four round diamonds. It's a delicate piece which can be worn on its own or stacked. Definitly a ring with mutliple options. That's what I love most about dainty rings like this. They are so versatile. more