Yi Collection x MoJ
Marrow : The making of
Tidal earrings

Aloni Jewelry

I love it to discover jewelry designers which are new to me. Kudos to one of my favorite designers Meital for sharing about this talented guy. I’m talking about Aloni Hason of Aloni Jewelry, who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Every single piece is handcrafted from start to finish and with a great eye for details […]

Abby Sparks Jewelry : custom ring

Denver custom jewelry designer Abby Sparks Jewelry creates custom engagement rings, wedding rings, repurposed and unique jewelry. And this is what today’s ring is all about. The Lisa ring, named after the wearer, is a custom ring repurposed with diamonds of the client’s heirloom rings. The finished pieces resulted in a stunning Rose Gold diamond cluster ring […]

Black & Pink : Anniversary Special

Made of Jewelry turns 5 on July 5th and so it was about time to do a Black & Pink round-up in honor of the anniversary. Black and pink have always been the main colors of the blog and will be forever. This round-up has now become a yearly tradition now and I hope you […]

Melandme Moissanite Co.

If you’re a lover of moissanite, then you’ll adore Melandme…seriously, you’ll ADORE this brand verrrry much. It’s really funny actually how this brand came to life, and this all thanks to social media and for two people to have a love for jewelry. Melanie and Brenna offer plenty of moissanite ring options and this for an affordable […]

Kat Florence : Old World Diamond Collection

When it comes to Kat Florence designs, she always makes me swoon over her flawless lines in each piece but also her dazzling gems, which she handpicks herself, make each piece so unique. Kat has created a beyond amazing collection, but hey…what did you expect!?- the Old World Diamond Collection. This captivating collection includes one-of-kind […]

Emily P. Wheeler

I’m a fan of MANY jewelry designers and Emily P. Wheeler is one of them. I personally feel very related to her aesthetic. Every piece looks so clean, neat, modern, stylish and with the perfect amount of sparkles. Emily is a gorgeous and talented fine jewelry designer, based in San Francisco whom’s designs are made […]

Yi Collection x Made of Jewelry

Yi Guo of Yi Collection and I have teamed up to create a unique chain ring. The first thing we brainstormed about was the gemstone colors. We decided to go with black and pink as these are MoJ’s theme colors. They’re chic colors too right? Next was selecting stones and shapes. So Yi showed off some options […]

Diana Porter Jewellery : Thirteen

Diana Porter is launching her latest collection next month… and it’s got me very excited! As well as falling for every piece, I also love the concept behind the collection. The ‘Thirteen’ Collection, as you may be able to guess, is made up of thirteen one-of-a-kind diamond rings. These unique diamonds include; geometric angular shards, […]